How to Check The Pop Up Waste Drainer Quality?

In this blog post, you’ll read:Basin waste is a mandatory thing in our life. But they don't know how to check the Basin waste drainer quality. The days of worry are over because you're going to get a master guideline to check a pop-up waste quality.

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Nowadays, basin waste is a mandatory thing in our life. Everyone wants to have high-quality waste for their basins. But they don’t know how to check the waste quality. And that’s why you’re here also. The days of worry are over because you’re going to get a master guideline to check a pop-up waste quality. Let’s start.

Why Should Check The Waste Quality Before Buying?

We all know how important waste drainer is. Just as important as it is to check before you buy it. Even a small mistake can cause many problems in the future. If you don’t check it properly before buy, it may require repeated maintenance or a complete replacement. So, don’t take the risk; check for the best and choose the best.

Know It Better

The truth is you cannot test something before you know it better. So, learn about pop-up waste first, and then go for checking.

What Is a Pop-up Waste?

Pop-up waste is a drain that connects your sink or basin with the water flow pipe. It allows you to block or open the water flow path to fill the sink with water or release it. It’s able to control with your hand’s touch or a lever connected with the waste and found behind your faucet.

click clack wastes drainer
click clack wastes drainer


The main part of a pop-up waste is the stopper. It’s often found inside of the waste. The stopper joins the push button from upward. The push button is a media that you press with your finger to seal or open the drain. 

The rest part is the waste body. You can see the spin thread on the bottom of the waste body. In addition, there are two things available on the thread. Those are a hexagonal nut (made of plastic or metal) and an O-sized rubber washer. These two tightens the waste with the basin.

 A pop-up waste also needs a lever help to work. The lever consists of a lift rod, a clevis strap, and a pivot rod. The lift rod is installed behind your faucet and joins with the clevis strap at the bottom. After that, the pivot rod connects the strap and the stopper. 


The total pop-up waste mechanism works. It does two things, seal the drain or open the drain. If you want to close the drain to stop water flow, pull the lever up… it also pulls the stopper down and locks. Similarly, if you’re going to release the water, then push the lever down. That’ll also push the stopper up and opens the path. You can do this with your finger tap too. Push the button down to lock and again press it open.

How To Check The Quality Of Pop-Up Waste?

Above all, you have good knowledge of pop-waste and ready to check the quality. Here you go:


Material is the most important thing for a pop-up waste. This is what the waste is made of. Many types of materials are used to make pop-up basin wastes—for example, brass, copper, stainless steel, etc. 

To ensure the best quality, you should go for the brass one. Brass makes a waste stronger and durable in the long run. But some manufacturers mix other materials with brass which is not good. Be aware of those manufacturers and choose only pure brass material.

Waste Drain Manufacturing Process
Waste Drain Manufacturing Process

Finish and Color

Since the material is first, so the finish is the second most important thing. The finish indicates the skin or the upper layer of the waste. There are different types of finishes available for pop-up wastes—chrome, nickel, gold plating, polished brass, etc. 

Above all, chrome plating is the most elegant and popular finish. It is a long-lasting finish and increases the rust resistance ability of the waste. Also, there is an option to match your bathroom theme color with the waste. Because there are several colors like whiteblack, and gold are available in the market. 


Check the functions properly to verify the waste is working well or not. You’ll face many problems if you skip this part while buying. To check it, pick up the waste and press the push button several times. If possible, then unscrew the push button and the stopper by undoing their spins (it gives you more flexibility to test). 

After that, press the stopper head several times. If it’s going down and locks smoothly for your first press and pops up for your second press, then the functions are working well. If it’s not, then take another one. Moreover, check the lever components and test the waste with the lever to see how it works.


Checking the thread is important to ensure the pop-up waste quality. If the thread is not manufactured well, you’ll not install the waste properly. Because you cannot tighten the hex nut with misaligned thread spins. As a result, there’ll be leakages, and the waste will be unsteady

Also, don’t forget to check the washer and hexagonal nut. Make sure that the washer goes well inside and the nut matches perfectly with the spins. 


A pop-up basin waste can come in two sizes, either 32mm or 40mm. The standard size of 32mm is for most of the basins. It’s imperative because you cannot fit different sizes of waste with your washbasin. You can ask your basin supplier or follow the basin specification sheet to know the exact size.

slotted pop up drain
slotted pop up drain


Last but not least, check for other manufacturing or shipping faults like sharp corners, scratch marks, or dents. Further, don’t skip the guaranty even if everything’s good. It may help you in the future.


We know that there can be nothing more believable than verifying by ourselves. But, if you buy pop-up waste from a PRO manufacturer or supplier like Hofen, there’ll be nothing to worry about. Hofen only provides 100% perfect and pro-quality products. 

You’ll get all types of basin wastes from Hofen. See the products, check them properly, and make your decision. 


No one in this world wants to have a poor thing in return for money. So, why would you compromise? This guide is designed so that no one is deceived when buying pop-up waste. I hope you’ve learned a lot from this guide, and you’re now able to check the quality of pop-up wastes.

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