How To Buy Basin Wastes From A Factory?

In this blog post, you’ll read:Many people have been duped while purchasing wastes from the market. The great solution to this problem is to buy it directly from the manufacturer. And in this article, you’re going to learn the proper ways to purchase basin wastes from a factory.

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Many people have been duped while purchasing wastes from the market. The great solution to this problem is to buy it directly from the manufacturer. And in this article, you’re going to learn the proper ways to purchase basin wastes from a factory. So, let’s start.

Why You Should Buy Basin Wastes From A Factory?

There are many benefits of purchasing wastes from the factory. Firstly, retailers charge much higher prices than the original price. Also, there’s less chance of testing the waste properly. But if you buy from a factory, you can check the wastes perfectly in person, and you can get those at an affordable price. In addition, manufacturers offer more flexibility than retailers.

Introduction To The Waste

We believe that you can properly check and buy anything only when you have a basic knowledge of that thing. So, here’s a simple introduction to the basin wastes:

What Is Basin Waste?

The basin waste is a drain element or device used in basin holes to control water flow in the basin. Further, it allows you to seal the waste pipe to fill the basin with water… and reopen the seal to remove the water whenever you want. 

Different Types

You may see many types of basin waste with unique features and benefits. For example, you’ll see pop-up type, click-clack, plug and chain, free flow, flip-flop, and more. You can read our recent post on the latest basin waste models of 2021 to learn more about the types.

Also, all those types come in 2 shapes that are slotted and unslotted. The slot indicates the hole on a waste body on either side. If your basin has overflow holes, then you need the slotted one, otherwise the unslotted one.


When you buy a waste, most of the time, you will find a waste body with threads at the bottom. Also, there’ll be a push-button on above and a stopper inside of the waste. In addition, there will be a rubber ring and a hexagonal nut to install and tighten the waste with the basin. However, sometimes you’ll get some extra parts such as lever components with the pop-up waste. 

sink strainer
sink strainer

Choose The Right Vendor

You will see lots of waste manufacturers. But we have to select a better supplier and producing good quality products, right? So, you’ve to choose the right vendor before you visit their factory. To find them, you can look on Google, Alibaba, Amazon, trade shows, magazines, or go with referrals. Then choose the best one for your trade. 

If all of these seem like a hassle for you, we’ve got a suggestion. You can visit ours, Hofen basin waste factory. We will collect your issues and give you a perfect solution. Moreover, you can see every corner of our factory, check all our products in the way you want, and decide for yourself. 

How To Buy Waste Drains From A Factory

Above all, you’ve got your vendor, so it’s time to visit their factory to buy basin wastes. Here’s how:

Visit In Person

First of all, you should go for a visit to that factory to inspect everything by yourself. You can talk to the in-charge; he will probably give you a guide to visit the factory. Please have a look at their production area to see their manufacturing process. Also, you can talk to staff to find out if you have anything on your mind. 

Most importantly, don’t forget about tools and engineers. This is because good engineers come up with evaluative ideas and good tools make them real.

Check The Material

Material means the primary making metal of the wastes. Different materials are available, like brass, bronze or copper, stainless steel, and plastic. However, other manufacturers use different materials, and some of them use more variants. But if you take an expert opinion, he will suggest you take the brass ones

Brass makes waste more durable and efficient than other materials. Also, check the brass quality to ensure better performance.

Finish Checking

The skin of waste or the outside layer is known as finish. You’ll see some variants also in the finish of a waste. For example, chrome plating, polished brass, nickel, gold plating, etc., are available. The most popular and efficient finish for basin wastes is chrome plating. It has good rust resistance and long-lasting durability.

Since you are inspecting it manually in the factory… try rubbing the waste skin with something to see the quality and strength of the finish.

Test It

Testing the waste manually is mandatory before buying. You’re in the factory, so definitely, there will be a testing area. Firstly, check the body and threads to see if there are any defects. After that, if there’s any testing basin available, then install the waste there. 

You don’t have to install it permanently. So, just put the waste body in the basin hole from above… and tighten it up with the rubber washer and hex nut from the bottom. Further, turn on the water supply and press the push button (with short intervals) several times to see if it works well.

thread size of basin waste
thread size of basin waste

Make The Deal

Discuss prices before ordering or before buying the waste. This will be an advantage if you know the market price or other seller prices for the waste. So, you can compare the quality and the cost of the waste with others. Remember one thing, and price depends on the quality. That is to say, accept it if the price is slightly higher, but the quality is very good. 

Shipping Safety

After all of these, you don’t want your wastes to be damaged during shipping. Many suppliers do not pay much attention to this part and make mistakes. So, go to the shipping zone of the factory and check their overall packaging and shipping process… to ensure your wastes protection during shipping. 

To Sum Up

Manually checking and buying basin wastes from a factory is just like making and eating food in your home, with NO fraudulence. And you’ll never be cheated if you follow our guide properly.

Remember that counterfeit manufacturers do not allow you to enter their factories. But professionals like us, who do well and give well, always welcome you.

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